Thursday, 19 August 2010

Family Day Out

Hello there, I am so sorry that I have been away for a while. It wasn't planned, I got a wee bit bogged down with summer holidays and life and found myself with no time to blog.

The girls have still got two weeks left of the hols and as much as I love them and love having them around they do nothing but bicker and fight. I know there is a big age gap, 7 years, but I still think that they should get along better. 

In an effort to entertain them and stop the bickering my friend and I took them for a day out. The plan was to go to Chester Zoo and to take a nice picnic with us. The weather however was against us, as we got closer to the the zoo the very large black clouds grew larger and more menacing. As we got to about 5 miles away the heavens opened and it rained buckets. 

Ever the optimists we arrived at the zoo and decided to try to sit it out by having a drink and a picnic in the car (not how we planned it) but the rain persisted so it was time for plan B. 

Swimming with sharks!!!!

Brave aren't we?

Look at those teeth!!

Only kidding, we actually went to the Blue Planet Aquarium and walked the amazing tunnel where the sharks were swimming over our heads. Thankfully my littlest one wasn't afraid of the sharks, she did however get very scared of a photograph of a Piranha! This meant that she spent that part of trip clinging onto me very tightly making it impossible for me to take piranha pics. 

Here are some of the other creatures that we saw....


Plenty of fish

I liked this chap.

This guy didn't move for the whole time that we were there.

Strange fish eggs, you could see them moving inside.

Camera shy shark

Snakes, my biggest fear, I was very brave.

This one wouldn't show his face.

The oh so cute Otters that make really sweet squeaky noises.

And finally, the jellyfish. I found these guys so fascinating they were really quite magical.

If you have made it this far then Thank you! A great day was had by all and not one argument was had between the girls!

I will try to blog again soon, if not normal blogging will resume in September. Take care peeps and I hope you have a good summer.


  1. Wow, what lovely pics! Glad you had a great time and the girls stayed friends for the day! It's so hard isn't it with constant bickering. I always thought being a mummy would be such fun, but some days I go to bed thinking that all I have done all day is raise my voice with them. Ah well, I hope one day it will settle down..........probs when they have all left home (which for boys probs wont be for years and years)!!!!!! Have a fab rest of a holiday xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thanks for dropping by,and leaving a lovely comment.Sorry you didn't get to the zoo...blooming weather eh?..but the planetarium looked great fun! Hope you enjoy the few remaining weeks of the holidays,I imagine it's hard to keep the children amused all the time!

    Bellaboo :o)

  3. Hi thanks for dropping by and glad you like the spike stitch flower..they are fun to make

    Wow!! that looks like a great day out might give it a try this week Googled it and its only just over an hour away too...fab

    They won't mind if its two big kids with cameras will they! hehehe...can't miss a photo opportunity like that
    Thanks for sharing...Suz x

  4. We had a fabulous day out and l couldn't believe where it was Cheshire Oaks!!..been there so many times hehe..oops thanks for encouraging us to go with your post
    My camera is only an automatic point and snap Samsung Digimax S800 but a good little camera got my eya on an Olympus E-P1 for Christmas..l'll try to be good Santa! hehe
    You ar right though they were very inconsiderate in not sitting still to be photographed..l kept complaing about the speed they oved lol
    Hugs Suz x

  5. For a moment I thought oh my god, are these people know what they are doing? you got my heart racing . Good one-!!
    I love your post, and your blog.
    I invite you to visit my blog, and I hope you like it .

    Marie and I love to hear from you.


    -Samya :-)

  6. I am a follower now-!!