Sunday, 19 December 2010

Quick Catch Up

Hello my lovelies. I hope that you are well. Sorry for the lack of posts, we have all been rather poorly. Various viruses and colds have bombarded us all over the past few weeks. Not great timing with so much to do before Christmas, can you believe that it is now less than a week? Blimey, it comes round quickly. I'm still not ready, various gifts are stuck around the country thanks to that white stuff so I have no idea if they will arrive on time. Are you all ready? I hope so.

Anyway whilst I have been laid up on the sofa I have been able to do a wee bit of crochet. I finally managed to get round to making a new cushion for the sofa.....

Just simple Granny squares with a white border.

I have also been making lots of mistletoe and mini wreaths to put on gifts. These were for the girls teachers...

The gift tags can be found here....

And finally I managed to finish the handmade present for my friend. She asked for a butterfly picture like one that I made from wallpaper. Due to the fact that she loves to travel I hunted down a vintage AA road map and cut the butterflies from parts of the country that she loves the most.

I only have one decent picture because I wrapped it up before checking that the pictures were ok. This is the only one that isn't blurred.

I also made an extra one that has bunting. This is cut from the part of the map that shows the area around where she lives. I wonder if she will notice?

Well, that's all for today. Hopefully I will get chance to post again before Christmas. If not I would like to wish you all a Truly Lovely Christmas.



  1. Wow what a lovely post. I love the cushion Na the tags and the butterfly picture - wow! I hope your friend really appreciates it - it is gorgeous. x

  2. Too bad your family was hit with the colds and such but let's hope it is out of your system and you won't have another for a while. Your pillow is so pretty and I love your mistletoe and tags. Thanks for the link. The map pictures with butterflies and bunting are really one of a kind.
    All beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too!

  3. Wow Emma! Firstly i love your cushion - such pretty colours but your butterfly and bunting frames just blew me away. They are truly gorgeous and i bet your friend will be over the moon!

    PS hope you all get over the lurgy and have a wonderful Christmas! x

  4. Hope you're all now on the mend!!
    Love the cushion and the mistletoe and wreaths are very pretty.
    The butterfly and bunting pictures are absolutely brilliant, I'm sure your friend will be very happy with them.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!
    Vivienne x

  5. Gosh what a busy bee! The cushion is awesome and the picture for your friend is beautiful. I have been making a lot of those mistletoes, but to date they are still sitting in a pile looking sorry for themselves!

    Have a wonderful Christmas and great New Year!

    Love Vanessa xxx

  6. ohhhh i love the butterfly picture what a beautiful unique gift. And i adore your cushion cover to. I hope you all feel better real soon. Have a lovely christmas. Dee x

  7. Love all your makes! Hope everyone is on the mend now.
    Have a lovely Christmas.

  8. Dear Emma, sorry to hear that you haven't been well. I hope you are better now!
    You have made so beautiful things! Oooh those mistletoes are so cute, lucky they who get so beautiful packets! The cushion has lovely winter feel with that white border! And those pictures for your friend are really unique! You are so talented and have lovely ideas!!! I feel now that I want also something with a map...
    I wish you the most Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year!
    xxx Teje

  9. Dear Emma, I hope you are better now!
    You have made so beautiful things! Those mistletoes are so qute! Lucky they who get so beautiful packets! The cushion has lovely winter feel with the white! And the pictures for your friend are really unique! You are so talented and have lovely ideas!
    I wish you and your family Joyful Christmas and Happy New Year!
    xxx Teje

  10. Wow, you have done well! I LOVE those crocheted mistletoe tags! And your gorgeous cushion - you can't beat a granny square. Have a great Xmas Emma xx

  11. Hi Emma
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my Blog. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Love the crocheted mistletoe.
    Jo xx

  12. Hi, dear Emma!

    I loved your cushions, as well as the other works you did, quite cute mistletoes you have there! =)

    I hope you and ur family have an amazing and blessed Xtimas, such as an incredible 2011!

    Wish u all of the best, love ur blog and ur coments!