Monday, 18 April 2011


Hello my lovelies. I hope that you are all doing fine and dandy. Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post, where I showed you a sneaky peek of latest project. 

Regular readers will know of my dislike of the making of blankets. So it may come as a little bit of a surprise when I reveal that the sneak peek was in fact another blanket. The second one so far this year.

When I stumbled upon the pattern for this blanket I knew it would be perfect for me. The reason I don't much like making blankets is that it soon becomes monotonous and I grow bored easily. This blanket prevents the boredom from setting in by breaking it down into different sections. So you start by doing granny squares...

Just as that may start to drag you move on to the shell strip...

followed by dot motifs....

a few stripes...

some flowers...

join it together and add a ripple border...

and you get The Groovyghan!

I loved making this blanket. If you fancy having a go you can find the pattern here.

Thanks for popping in. I hope you have lovely week. Much love.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous and I love the colours, just wish I could crochet!!
    Jo xx

  2. Emma, this is truly spectacular. I've never seen anything quite like it! I shall definitely be bookmarking this just so that I can gaze at it adoringly from time to time (that's the sort of mad thing I like to do).

    Have a fabulous Easter. xx

  3. Wow that is really cool. I must go and save that pattern. Thanks. xx

  4. Love this and going to save it to my favourites! Thanks. Yours is gorgeous. xx

  5. Oh wow Emma, that is brilliant and what a great name too! It really is a stunning blanket, love it! :)
    Vivienne x

  6. Yep blankets are boring, I have been doing mine for months, yours is so lovely, not sure I could tackle the wiggly bits though so I will just have to carry on regardless :)
    Cate x

  7. Gorgeous! Like a sampler - it shows lots of patterns and they all work in colourful harmony together!
    Have a lovely week. Helen x

  8. Wow! Check out your GroovyGhan! I love the colours you chose. I have 3 blankets on the go currently, as I reach a certain point with each and say 'I need a break!'. lol. This is fab. Love the flower squares especially. How long did it take?

  9. great job on a fun design. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. OMG That is the best crochet blanket i have ever seen i love it i would love one of these. So much detail so many gorgeous colours. WOW what a beauty. Its amazing how you made so many patterns form one blanket. The flowers are stunning so are the circles and wow those stripes. I sooooo wish i could do this i am in awe. You are one very talented lady well done you ;-)) dee x

  11. I love making blankets in bits like that.. this is so lovely and cheery, well done and thanks for showing us it and the link to the pattern.

  12. La manta es preciosa y diferente, muy bonita.
    Yo tengo aparcada una manta de hexágonos que no me apetece hacer por ahora. Prefiero hacer proyectos más cortos.


  13. love it... and again it, my favourite bit is the way that pink flower 'pops' off the blue, you are so clever :)
    hope you're feeling chipper again x x x x x x

  14. loving this blanket Emma. My lovely pal jane (above!) has promised me some crochet lessons for impending birthday (40? HOW?) so I'm going to keep this link safe. (do you like my confidence?!)

    You are indeed very clever
    fee ♥

  15. Hello Emma! That is really wonderful and unique blanket! What a great idea to make different blocks for one blanket!
    I wish you Happy Easter! Teje

  16. Wow your blanket is absolutely stunning! I want one!!!!

  17. That is brilliant! I don't think I would last through a regular blanket either, but that one is incredible, great colours too :)

  18. Its gorgeous!!
    The colours are wonderful togetehr, and i love all the different patterns! Couldnt get bored making that one!
    Gill x