Sunday, 1 May 2011


Hello my dearies, how are you today? Happy May! I can't believe that we are into May and yet this is my first thrifty post of 2011. Well, if truth be told, there has been distinct lack of thrifting around here lately. Lack of funds, escalating charity shop prices and also near empty charity shops have all been a factor. As has the fact that my house is severely lacking in space to add new finds.

However a few days ago I saw some things that I couldn't resist. Not the ever elusive bark cloth, (where is it all?) but almost as fabulous...

How could I resist such gorgeousness? These pics really don't do it justice...

I would love to make a dress from this but due my lack of sewing skills I'll be lucky to manage a skirt.

There were lots of yummy fabrics but I was very calm and only chose a few that I just couldn't resist...

Please excuse the creases.

And finally something that I have been looking for for a long time, a lovely little patchwork quilt....

Not bad, if I do say so myself.
Thank you for dropping by. If you would to see more thrifty finds pop by and see Sophie.


  1. Great finds..beautiful fabric and a simply cute little quilt! Maybe it's time to declutter and give back to the thrift shops if there's no room for new finds?

  2. that first piece of fabric is absolutely beautiful...yellow and grey what a gorgeous combo.

  3. Happy May! I really like the sweet little patchwork quilt - well done on your thrifty finds! Have a lovely week.
    Helen x

  4. Oh the patchwork quilt is very lovely indeed! I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ooh I love the fabric. I have never found any barkcloth either and I'm always looking!

  6. What a pretty quilt. :)
    Those fabrics remind me of curtains that would have been in my aunt's house when I was small!
    Vivienne x

  7. hello lovely - GREAT finds (loved the floral one)
    got fluffy ducklings today - you're gonna love them!
    fee x

  8. That quilt is so pretty - I am always looking out for one like that but never fond one in pretty colours - well done!!!

    The blue and silvery fabric in particular is just stunning. You did very well indeed :)

    Happy May

  9. that bark cloth on image # 1 is indeed stealing the show. gorgeous! i also like the shiny blue reversible!

  10. Me encanta la colcha. Siempre me ha gustado tener una colcha de retazos.
    Un saludo.

  11. you BOUGHT a patchwork quilt? Now that's a novel idea...

  12. Great finds ;-)) Love the first 2 fabrics best very pretty. dee x

  13. you did so well with your finds!
    Love that first grey and lemon cloth, and finding a pretty quilt is so hard - well done!
    Charity shops are so pricey these days really - its hard round here to find a deal now, the boot fairs are a better bet.
    Thank you for your birthday wishes to me today, that is so kind!
    Gill xx

  14. Hello Emma! You found beautiful fabrics and the first one reminds me of something ... a lovely fabric where was some paintings ... my little girl dress!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    xxx Teje

  15. Oh, my Emma! I will board the next flight over so I can accompany you on your next shopping adventure. Your purchases are beyond beautiful -- I'm totally smitten with your finds!

  16. Hi Emma,

    I know what you mean about escalating charity shop prices - I begrudge paying a fiver for a Primark dress!. We are still lucky enough to have a 'local charities' charity shop (bric-a-brac and furniture only) in our town where a bargain is always to be had -love your blog, and thanks for stopping by mine!♥

  17. the quilt is amazing!! and no worries about the comments, I'm getting really bad at it myself lately!!