Friday, 9 January 2009

what happened?

i don't know what happened. my intention was to blog regularly, maybe not daily but a few times a week. as you can see this didn't happen.
i have spent a few days trying to organise my house. these things always take longer than expected. i needed to find homes for all the christmas presents that the girls got. this involved putting some of the older stuff into storage so that i didn't just add to it.
the girls have both got enough books to make a small library and the pile that has been moved to storage is growing. thankfully my daughters school is having a bring and buy sale with the proceeds going to a very worthy cause - the children in palestine. i think a few boxes their way will help a few people out.
i have also been trying to organize my workspace but this has so far been without success. i have got some shelves coming tomorrow so hopefully that will help. i seriously need to find more storage. either that or bigger house..............

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