Thursday, 3 February 2011


Hello Flowers, I hope that this day finds you well? 

A wee while ago I received not one but two Stylish Blogger awards from two oh so lovely ladies, Teje from Nero's Post And Patch and Clara from Clara's Crochet Room. Thank you so much my dears, I feel honoured that you have thought of me. 

Now I have to tell you 7 things about me that you don't already know, hmmmm.....

My favourite colour is pink. When I was a child I refused to wear anything other than pink. Now, i rarely wear pink but have lots of it around the house.

My husband is the only male in the house. There's me, my 2 girls, 2 female cats and 2 female dogs. Thats how I get away with so much pink.

I cannot sew. My sewing machine either goes too fast or too slow and refuses to sew where I want it too.

I am terrified of snakes. I can't even look at them in books.

My dream is to drive across America in a VW camper even though I never use motorways in the UK.

My favourite artist is David Hockney. I love his attitude to life and art and that he is never afraid to try new things.

Ok, ok I admit it! I'm a chocoholic.


Now I have to pass the award onto 15 bloggers. This is where I began to struggle because this award seems to have been passed on to many of the bloggers that I know. I'm hoping that the bloggers that I am going to pass this onto haven't already received it. So, I would like to pass the award on to the following lovely bloggers....

At Home With MelMel
The Blueberry Patch
Chipper Nelly (and her gorgeous chickens)
Vintage at the Corner House
Green Rabbit Designs
Helen Phillips
Marmalade Rose
Amanda Makes
Made and Found

That's only ten so I would like to offer it to anybody that reads my blog who fancies taking part.

In other news I am still considering making the rug from the previous post. I need to work out which yarn to use, how big etc.
I hope you have a lovely week, it's almost the weekend so I'm hoping that the weather will behave.

Ps. MelMel, blogger won't let me comment your blog. I know not why. x


  1. so you like pink and don't like motorways.....I am gaining a fondness for pink and I detest motorways!! we have something in common although i'm too scared to drive in America...they drive on the wrong side don't you know????

  2. Oh, I love David Hockney, too! His work is amazing : )

  3. Hi Emma
    Lovely to find out some more about you!
    I love your little pink crocheted doily, gorgeous!
    Thank you for awarding me the Stylish blogger award, I have been given it before but I'll be honoured to accept it from you too!!
    Looking forward to seeing the rug progress. :)
    Vivienne x

  4. So fun to read your facts. Snakes, huh? Not even crocheted ones? I love your doily too and I'm with you on the color it.

  5. Hello Emma How lovely to find out more about you - lots of things we share there, including the pink and liking David Hockney's work to name but two! Thank you thank you for awarding me the stylish blogger award - so kind and sweet of you. I have been awarded it before, but I am still thrilled that you have thought of me and am very happy to accept it again! Looking forward to seeing your rug creating! Helen x

  6. Hi Emma, thank you so much for thinking of me and giving me the stylish blogger award, i am really honoured. It was great to hear more about you and I definitely have a lot in common with you including liking pink, avoiding motorways and being terrified of snakes.
    Ann x

  7. Hi Emma
    Thank you so much for considering me for the award, I feel touched. I'm really into pink too which is a bit unfortunate as I'm the only female in the house - ha ha!!
    Have a good weekend.

  8. I lve your crochet flowers . I bought myself a crochet book ,I must look through it more seriously , I pin crochet flowers to my t, shirts . I,m a pinkie , I love it and always feel good when wearing it--cottonreel

  9. Nice to know a few more things about you.I'm a pink girl too..and a chocoholic.How you feel about snakes,I'm the same with spiders.I freak out at the vine-y tops of the tomatoes,and before I put them in the bowl,I have to take the tops off and throw them in the bin.At're not likely to come across many snakes! :0)

  10. Hi Emma, Many thanks for your mail (it's been a busy coupple of days - sorry not to answer till now) and huge thanks for the award. It's been lovely to read your list and find out a little more about you. That is seriously pretty pink crochet in that picture - did you make it?

    Have a great weekend.

  11. Hi Emma, stylish, you ask? You are most definitely. Congrats on the award. Enjoyed reading the 7 facts about you.

    Have you started the rug yet?

  12. Hi,Emma Thank you very much for the stylish blogger award.I am thrilled and will be posting about it this weekend.I love your blog and am also a fellow pink lover.
    Anne x

  13. Hi, I've just found your lovely blog, nice to meet you and read all your lovely posts. I would LOVE to ride across europe in a VW camper....maybe one day xox Happy weekend.

  14. Hello Emma! I'm so happy I was part of this Award and able to give it to you! You made lovely post about it! I love the photos and the VW Camper (who wouldn't want that)! I love also pink and now I know that you know why Nero is a Boy!
    Have a sunny Sunday! xxx Teje

  15. Thank you for the award sweetie, I'm very flattered.

    It's very kind of you to pass it on to me only I hope you won't be upset if I don't do it all as I find they take up sooo much time and to be honest, I'd rather be sewing, wink,wink! Please don't be cross with me, I really do appriciate it but bloggy time is my time and the only place where I don't have to abide by anyone elses rules. Golly! I'm a real rebel aren't I! lol.

    Hope you understand, I would hate to offend anyone.
    love fi x

  16. Hello. It's always a pleasure to see your work. have a nice week.

  17. As you are driving across America, don't forget to stop off for tea in Missouri. We can chat crochet together. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic