Friday, 9 July 2010

Frame Chalkborad

Hello, how are you? I hope that you are well.

I wanted to share with you today a recently completed makeover. Last year I bought a frame in a charity shop for £2 with the intention of findings a use for it. However, as is the case with many of projects, I forgot about the frame and it was left languishing in the under stairs cupboard.

With the 'studio' makeover I decided that I would need a new chalkboard and after a little pondering I decided that the frame would be the right size. Not too big and not too small. I used a tester pot of paint that I had bought recently and some chalkboard paint that I have had for a while.

This is the frame before....

As you can see it is a little old fashioned...

and this is the frame after....

I added a wee doily and some stick on lace.
Here is a close up...

Now all I need is some chalk, oh and the 'studio' to be finished.

I hope you have a good weekend and if you are in the UK keep cool.



  1. What a super cool idea! Love it! I love your colour choice for the frame. What an inspiring idea! Thanks for sharing with us and hope you get to have a fab weekend! hugs Vanessa xxxx

  2. I love it! I'd also love to know what colour that is. Have a wonderful w/end!

  3. Wow what a transformation! Love the colour and the doilies, Looks Fantastic!

  4. Hello and thank you for visiting my blog, it's lovely to hear from you. I've had a lovely time reading all of your posts when really i should have been doing the housework.....shame!! I love all of your car boot finds and your crochet-very inspiring x

  5. Must remember this, it's a nice idea :)