Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Rosa and the Butterflies

Hello there, I hope you are well. Sorry for the delay in posting but the weather has been a shocker around these parts making it impossible to take photos. Anyway better late than never I hope.

I had quite a good week last week on the thrifting front, a few good finds.I will share them with you once the weather picks up. Today though I wanted to share with you two of my favourites, both of which are from the car boot.

The first is a print that I fell in love with. I have named her Rosa because I have no idea who she really is, I shall have to investigate to see what I can discover. She reminds me of Pride and Prejudice, romantic, wistful and a little frail. All I need now is Colin Firth.....

Isn't she beautiful? 

My second treasure is also a picture of sorts. I don't usually find nice pictures, it's usually frames that I buy to 'do up'. This one is maybe something that many people would find distasteful, my daughter and hubby included. I also find it a little distasteful but at the same time fascinating and beautiful. I also wonder where they might end up if I hadn't bought them? In tip somewhere rotting away and wasted. Who knows?

Anyway I brought them home and much to daughters disgust they are now hanging over the tv, here are my lovely butterflies....

I love them, even if it does mean that 'I have dead things looking at me'.
I hope that you have a good week. For more thriftiness drop by Sophies.


  1. I like both of these. I'm "into" insects and botanical prints and things at the moment. i've even found myself looking at antlers at the fleamarket...sorry about the weather. i get daily reports from my sister in Ilkley, and it sounds like winter to me :(

  2. Rosa is beautiful, and yes a Colin Firth wouldnt be bad either! I do like the butterflies too. Hope the weather picks up cant wait to see what else youve found! Enjoy your week! x

  3. Lovely finds. I really like botanical type artworks. As long as it is all humane, of course! Have a lovely week. x

  4. At least the butterflies are being seen and not wasted, they are very 70's my mother in law brought some back from HongKong for me, you sometimes find them on coasters.
    I really must post my treasure so I have an excuse for more :)
    Cate x

  5. It is always wonderful to find such treasures, love that Print you found. Catherine x

  6. If it makes you feel better, many recent framed butterflies (they've gotten popular again) are from butterfly conservatories at botanical gardens and museums, and they've died of natural causes :)

  7. The Butterflies really take me back to my childhood. They're beautiful and we used to see so many when we were kids. Not so now. My older brother had a fabulous collection when he was young and that's what came to mind when I saw your find.