Monday, 1 November 2010

How Could I Resist?

Hello my dears. Thank you so much for all of your kind and lovely comments on the Christmas trees. I can say the word now that it's November. Crikey this year has gone fast!

I can only share a few of my thrifty finds this week because the sun will not come out to play and we all know that lack of light makes terrible pics. I found some lovelies this week in charity shops and at the car boot sale. 

I am particularly loving this table cloth, still new in its packaging....

How could I resist those mushrooms?

So sweet.

Also sweet is this little dish with duck on it...

Less sweet but very pretty, I found my second piece of Cartlon Ware!

And my favourite find of the week is this oh so sweet knitted Humpty from the 1950's....

How could I resist him?

For more thrifty delights please see Apron Thrift Girls blog.

Thank you for dropping by.


  1. I love the tablecloth! It's fabulous. I need to find some new stomping ground, I haven't found anything around here for ages.

  2. The tablecloth is pretty, love the colours!
    Caltonware is always gorgeous but as a knitter I have to agree with you Humpty is my favourite too!!
    Vivienne x

  3. Aww, I love Humpty!

  4. Oh Humpty brings back memories! There used to be a HUGE knitted one that sat on a shelf when I was at Nursery. I have very clear memories of it and always wanted to play with it when I went. My nan knitted me one for my birthday...have no idea where it went.....bin at some point I hoo! Totally forgot about that until I read your post! Thanks for the memories!!!!

    Have a great rest of a day!

    Vanessa x

    p.s great thrifty treasures!

  5. Emma, you always find the most gorgeous things. I'm v jealous especially of that tablecloth! Well done you!

  6. I'm torn between the tablecloth and Humpty being my favourite.

  7. Oh those are such Lovely Finds!! I am especially liking that tablecloth - it reminds me of a little slipper bag I had for infant school with a pretty little toadstool pattern on it.

    Humpty's great too!

    Love Julia x x x

  8. Hello Emma! You have been lucky again! I love that tablecloth! Lovely findings!
    Wishes Teje

  9. Oh, that Humpty Dumpty is cute. I'd like to knit one! Love the little duck dish, too.

  10. Love that Carlton Ware. Found a piece of that pattern several weeks ago. Gorgeous!

  11. The tablecloth is gorgeous and the Humpty, adorable!!

  12. Oh you find the such pretty things!!!
    love that Carlton ware piece :)

  13. Great finds! Especially that tablecloth - though it wouldn't last long as one piece if I got my hands on it!

  14. I squealed when I saw this post, too many lovely things especially humpty and that toadstool fabric :)

  15. great tablecloth and yes, we had glorious sunshine yesterday, today??? monsoon!!

  16. Aaaaw, Humpty is just gorgeous!

    LOl, yes as much as I love Kirstie she was pretty feeble at crochet, teehee. We'll give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe it was because she's left handed and was being taught by a right hander...maybe.

  17. aww i just wanted to say thank you for your lovely comment, I wish we did live closer i would be more than happy to try and teach you how to sew i say try cause im still learning an working it all out myself ;-) And i would love for you to teach me to crochet i am so jealous of people that can do it the things you can make doing it are amazing. Have a great week. Dee ;-))

  18. Cheers for popping by!
    Aww...humpty is lovely!
    I hope they were all very cheap n bargainess! :>))

    The ducky plate is so sweet!


  19. wow what great finds. i really miss great charity shops and car boots. it's amazing what can still be found in england. there's not so much pretty things over here in australia, many things from the 60's and 70's. enjoy x

  20. I love love love the tablecloth!!