Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tidy mind, tidy stitches - 2KCBWDAY3

How do you keep your yarn wrangling organised? 

That is todays topic for discussion. The quick answer to this is.... I don't. If you are a regular reader of this blog you may have noticed that I there is a total lack of pictures of my house. This is because despite my bestest efforts I am UNTIDY. My house seems to reflect my brain, cluttered. Clean but cluttered.

My yarn addiction is out of control. Any kind of bag, cupboard or shelf is seen by me as a good place to keep my yarn.  The rest of the family may disagree but if it's there I'll shove yarn onto or into it.

I have tried to be organised. I have a studio where all of my craft materials are meant to be stored. Notice that I said meant? There are huge bags, boxes and baskets in there full of yarn but that hasn't stopped the yarn from taking over the house. You see I have to go outside to get to my studio so if its raining then thats not good. Therefore much of the yarn must be stored in the house. Sometimes I go into the studio, look into my huge stash and find yarn that I totally forgot I had. That's not good is it?

Miu Miu is so embarrassed by the explosion of yarn in the bedroom that she tries to hide it with the curtain.

I would love to be organised but the older I get the more I realize that it just isn't me. I have seen many bloggers who have cupboards or shelves that are dedicated to yarn and they look fabulous. Maybe if I had such a cupboard I could keep my yarn under control, I don't hold out much hope though.

Ps. Thank you for your kind comments. I loved reading about what you would like to learn.


  1. Miu Miu must be a very well behaved little cat as there is no way I could let mine so close to naked yarn. Sometimes I will be winding a ball of yarn and out of nowhere a cat will just come hurtling towards me out of nowhere like a crazy yarn sniper.

  2. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of some of your yarn stash! I have similar bags and baskets of yarn - and fabric - in my house too! Orderly disorder, I think of it as! I sort of know where things are, though I do get a nice surprise sometimes when looking for one thing I find another I'd forgotten about! Your little cat looks very sweet and well-behaved!
    Helen x

  3. I am organised to a point, but my fabric shelves are untidy and a lot of my wool is unravelled but in 1 place! I then wonder why I get annoyed when I have to spend ages unknotting it!

  4. Emma, it's clutter city here at J and P towers and my yarn is in a terrible state of entanglement. It doesn't help that my daugher is learning to knit, so she attacks my stash from time to time and there are balls of wool strewn all over her playroom (I noticed this morning).

    The other problem I have, Emma, is that last year I had a little break out of the dreaded moths (shudder) in my proper wool yarn (luckily only 3 balls so had to chuck them thus getting rid of the disgusting creatures and preventing any more damage). Also, luckily, as I mentioned to you before, I now only have cheapo acrylic to knit with so no more moths. Hoorah! I now store my yarn in a zipped up plastic bag but they are still tangley! Sorry, strayed off the subject - but moths are a real problem (look on the internet), so beware. I'll stop rambling. Byeeeeexx

  5. First of all how pretty is Miu Miu!! :)
    I think Helen used a good phrase there 'orderly disorder', I like that. I'm afraid in my house if it can hold yarn, then it does. It is nice sometimes to tip it all out and discover yarn that you had forgotten all about. Then there's craft books, goodness I'm fast running out of places to put them!!
    Vivienne x

  6. Hey - no worries on the untidy side of things.. my yarn is all over the place too.... Its organized as far as I'm concerned. Of course, if you ask someone else they would most likely not agree :)

  7. wow you have a huge amount of yarn it be great fun when you want to start a new project ;-) dee x

  8. I am untidy too (and yet only in my creative space and not in the rest of the house!), and shove wool into any bag, box or basket to hand, so I end up with it all over the place and can never find what I am looking for! It drives me mad but I don't think I am going to change now. The price of being creative, eh?

  9. I'm untidy too - if you see a peep of my house in a post its only cos for once that part is presentable - at all times there are areas of mess somewhere in my home. I have only once achieved the state of every room looking good, and that was last year for a few months when the house was on the market and it was a strain!
    I do try to keep some order in my sewing room, atleast on the work surfaces, as i can't work well in a complete mess!
    Time spent tidying is time lost creating is what I say ;0