Sunday, 20 June 2010

Fathers Day Finds

Hello and Happy Fathers Day. My own Dad passed away 9 years ago but I would still like to say Hello to him. I know he is there is somewhere. Also Happy Fathers Day to my Mr, he is a great Dad and we all love him lots. Even though it's Fathers day he still wanted to get up at the crack of dawn and go to the car boot sale. Bless him.

Here are some of the delights that we found...

A pretty little bowl.

A lovely oval dish.

Another coffee pot to add to my little but ever growing collection.

Some wee glasses in fresh colours.

Six Studio Meakin cups and saucers with a milk jug.

And this fabby vase.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope that you have a good week.
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  1. hi lovely finds I like the oval dish.
    I found 2 of those glasses last week they remind me of my grandma so I hope I can find some more.
    Have a good week Cate x

  2. Lovely lovely finds! The oval dish and coloured glasswear is just divine. I wish my husband enjoyed thrifting! xo

  3. gorgeous finds by you. i'm looking for something like the studio meakin cups and saucers ... i'm longing for something interesting in blue and white. happy father's day to all in the continental us ... ours isn't until september (LOL).
    My Flea Market Find

  4. Crikey, you did well! Lovely finds, my favourite is the coffee pot.

  5. Wauw you are really good at finding good stuf!

  6. How lucky you are! My favorite of your finds is definitely the vase [I have a soft spot for pottery :)]!

  7. i love it ALL! what a fantastic haul. can't beat a gorgeous coffee pot!