Monday, 28 June 2010

Thrifty Finds

Hello, I hope that you are doing well.
Last week I didn't manage to get to any charity shops at all for a variety of reasons. I did however manage to drag myself out of bed yesterday for the car boot sale and I'm so glad that I did. Here are just some of the treasures that I found....

Two kitsch and cute West Highland Terriers. They need a bit of work but I couldn't leave them behind.

A Hornsea Pottery milk jug for 50p!

A Hornsea Pottery sugar jar.

A hand painted jug.

A mushroom for darning.

Some more pretty plates.

Vintage tins.

A vanity case.

And two old wedding photos. I always think it is a shame that these have been separated from their owners.

Not a bad haul really. I hope that you have a good week.
For more thriftiness and a peek at a beautiful jug pop round to Sophie's.


  1. Nice jugs!!! You have found some lovely treasures, well done!

  2. just lovely! what amazing finds. those westies are just gorgeous. sugar pot is also a fav.

  3. OH I love everything here!!! I love your Hornsea (I have a Hornsea thing going on as well but mainly with the saffron range I think it's called). Adore the westies.

  4. No, not bad at all!! You have got some lovely things here.