Monday, 11 October 2010

Meakin and Other Thrifty Bits

Hello there, how are you? I hope you have had a great weekend. For once we have had a dry weekend here, yay I managed to do all of my washing. 

Now that it is Monday again I thought I would share some more of my thrifty finds. I had been trying steer clear of thrifting in an effort to save some pennies but it seems that cold turkey didn't work and so last week I had a little slip, oooops. I didn't spend too much really but I spent more than I should have. I will have to try harder this week.

Last weeks finds include this beautiful Meakin bowl

Another Meakin bowl (I love a bit of Meakin)

A Meakin jug, I told you I love Meakin

A Woods Ware bowl

Some lovely Pyrex dishes

A Hornsea dog and turtle that I couldn't resist

And last but by no means least an unused Barratts of Staffordshire tea set.

Have been lucky in your thrifting adventures?
To see what other lucky peeps have found go and see Sophie or Apron Thrift Girl.


  1. Just love the colour of your tea set! I can see why you couldn't resist the dog and turtle, very cute. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. OMG - I think I need to hop on a plane and go thrifting in your neck of the woods! I *love* Meakin!!

  3. I heart Meakin too. Love the first bowl in particular and the teaset.

  4. I love the green and pink Meakin bowl, my favourite colour combination,lovely finds.
    Ann x

  5. Love all your Meakin finds! wonderful colors!

  6. Hi! I trotted over from Her Library Adventures post. You have found a motherlode of goodies! Love the Meakin bowl and Pyrex dishes. I really like the tea set too.

  7. I was lusting at your finds and wondering...what is this Meakin? Then I saw that you live over the pond and realized these beauties were English. I think those two bowls are just wonderful. Lucky you!

  8. I just love the second bowl. It's so much fun thrifting isn't it?

  9. I ♥ the pyrex :) x x x x x x

  10. Hi, widow twanky here, don't talk to me about washing!! love those bowls at the top x

  11. Poor you four wisdoms ooowww. I'd stay away too.

    Loved the second Meakin dish and the pyrex too. Is it well behaved to lust after other peoples thrifty finds?


  12. I love Meakin too, just love those bowls. I recently found a Meakin dish with a lid.I think its oven proof, though not sure. only cost 50c.

  13. I'm a Meaken fan too..and I have just discovered the Hornsey pieces.Love your dog and turtle..havn't seen one like that before. :o)

  14. Dog and turtle! Cute! That's a unique little piece, I couldn't have resisted it either.