Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Hello there, I hope that you are well.
Do you remember the thrifted pillowcases that I posted about recently? Well, I mentioned that I wasn't sure what I would do them. Should I keep them as they are or cut them and use them for a new project? 
I must confess that I am terrible at making decisions of any kind be it big or small. I over analyse almost everything in my life and take ages to make up my mind. When it came to the pillowcases I ummed and ahhed and pondered and eventually came to the conclusion that I would like to keep them whole and use them as they were intended. However, having been in love with the work of Beata at Rosehip for the past two years, I attempted to add a crochet trim. 

Photo by Beata Basik

I chose the blue floral pillowcase for my eldest little one as blue is her favourite colour and over the summer we intend to sort out her bedroom (I use the term bedroom cautiously as it is more than a little scary in there, you know how children can be). I then added a blanket stitch around the edge (something that I clearly need to practice) before crocheting a shell pattern trim.

Now I realise`that mine is in no way as good as Beata's but for a first attempt I am quite happy with it and more importantly so is my eldest. I might go on to work on the others but haven't decided yet ( told you I was indecisive).


  1. Wow! Fantastic! Have been wanting to do that for a while too, totally inspired by rosehip blog! Well done you, the look is amazing! xxx

  2. love love love it you did goon looks fab and your first attempt huh!!!! well done i am going to put up my first dish cloth later today if you fancy a wee look !!! x

  3. that looks great! You did a fine job! :)

  4. That looks fab..crochet pillowcases is on my list of things to get on with I think I may have to have a go now...very inspiring

  5. Oh my .. what a great idea.. I'm off to raid my linen cupboard for thrifted pillowcases needing a crochet trim!!