Sunday, 2 May 2010

More Meakin

Hello there. I hope that you are having a good weekend. This week I was lucky to find not one but two casserole dishes that match the Studio Meakin coffee pot I found last week. I can only assume that they must have had the same owner, so now I am hoping that I didn't miss anything else.

I also found another Studio Meakin casserole dish with a lovely rose design.

These were all just £1 each! Unfortunately I am a terrible cook so casseroles won't be being made in any of these. They will remain for ornamental use only, maybe that's a good thing.

And finally something that I have been looking for for a long time.....

1960's pillowcases! I love this kind of print and am always on the lookout for it. I would love to find it in larger quantities, maybe a bedsheet, but for now I am happy with these. Now I have the problem of whether to use the fabric to make something or use them as they are. I'm not sure that I can bear to cut into them. The one on the left even looks as though it has never been used.

For more thrifty finds pop on over to Sophie's...



  1. Wow what wonderful finds!! Such lovely prints on all your goodies. Hope you have a brilliant week :)

  2. I am always on the lookout for these but they are always missing their lids. Lucky you. My internet is playing up so I couldn't see your pillowcases...I will have a look later xxNick

  3. Oh wow how lucky is that! I love the design on that coffe pot and casserol dish. And the pillowcases - fantastic!

  4. is the first dish the same pattern as your jug?!?!? or just very similar i must check!!!! i am lusting after your pillow slips just lush x

  5. You are so lucky to find those vintage items!
    I gasped aloud when I saw your casserole, sure my Mum had something like that when we were younger!! I love the pillow cases too, Im always on the look out for some of that brushed cotton striped bedding, the kind we had as kids I just love it!

    Enjoy your bank holiday
    Love Julia x x x

    ps - your pooch is beautiful, we also had one of those!

  6. Yes! the dilemma of whether to use the lovely floral pillowcases or cut up for the fabric: I have felt this too! Consequently the more worn ones I used and the gorgeous new in packet are tucked away!
    Lovely finds.

  7. Lovely finds. I love the fabric in the pillowcases, I'm sure they'll be hard to cut up!

  8. Fantastic finds I am rather meakin obsessed myself & i am sooo pleased to find your blog another delight of bloggy goodness to follow (& we are practically neighbours in the scheme of things)Rachelle xx