Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Monster Doily

Hello, I hope that you are well. The weather has improved dramatically today so I am finally able to show you the finished doily. It took far longer to make than any of the others which I think was due to it having ten flowers, all of which had to be made separately, and then the ten leaves around the edge. Hence the title of the post.

It was relatively easy to make, just very time consuming. I used a pattern from Ravelry but can no longer find it, there are similar ones on there though. For some reason, despite blocking, I can't quite get it to lie flat as it does in the pictures that came with the pattern. I'm pleased with how it worked out though and have now moved on to a couple of smaller, simpler doilies.

Before I pop off to tackle the humongous washing pile that is threatening to eat all who cross its path, I'd just like to share a pic of my frilly pansies. I can't remember the actual name (duh) but I think they are lovely...



  1. Wow, fantastic doily! Am very inspired! Love the pansy picture too! Have a lovely day! xxx

  2. amazing i love the doily sooo lovely the pic of the flower is ace too my fav colour!!! x