Thursday, 15 April 2010

Doily done

A quick update on the doily/potholder. I really struggled with the last two rounds and I think I did the second to last round wrong. There were also a couple of mistakes as I was going along but I managed to work with them and you can't really tell. It still needs to be blocked as the edges are a bit curly. Overall I quite like it, the pattern was difficult but I suppose its just a case of getting used to following a diagram instead of having it all written down. When I first saw a written crochet it was all complete gobbledegook but I soon got used to it.

In other news we are still having some good weather here in Lancashire. There is a volcanic dust cloud heading our way from Iceland which I think is quite a rare event. I don't remember anything like this ever happening before. At the moment though the sky is a lovely shade of blue with the odd white fluffy cloud drifting past. No planes at all though which is a little odd.


  1. Very nice work you did there. You can't tell the mistakes from here (Puerto Rico!)...



  2. Hello!

    I thought I would stop by and say Hi - Ive just found your blog after a bit of random wandering and Im glad I did!! I really like your crochet doily, Ive tried to make one of those myself before but failed dismally, yours is beautiful!! Well done!

    Will come and see you again soon
    Love Julia x x x