Sunday, 25 April 2010

Thrifty Things

Hello there. This week my favourite thrifty find is a wonderful 1960's coffee pot by Studio Meakin. I love coffee pots and this is the second one I have by the same maker. I will photograph the other one at some point when it's not so grim outside and I can get some better light. 
The flowers on this one remind me of when I was growing up as we had these kind of flowers on a lot of things around the house. The coffee pot is perfect condition with no cracks or crazing and only cost £1 ! Amazing!

After a little bit of snooping on the net I have discovered that the range is called Topic and it was designed by Alan Rogers in 1967. It really is looking good to say that it is older than me. I wish I was ageing so well!

I also found this rather twee cup, saucer and plate set. I didn't think it was very old but I thought it was quite sweet and for only 50p I couldn't leave it in the shop. It turns out that it is actually circa 1940's and made by Royal Vale who also happen to be the company that made the tea cups that I found last week. 

It is such a shame that many of the companies around Stoke on Trent are now no longer producing as they made such fine pieces.

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  1. i adore your jug it's a cracker :)

    if you've got time!!!!!

  2. I am so jealous! In a nice way. I wish I could find a pot as beautiful as yours. I am a little obsessed with retro graphics so I'm absolutely loving this. And the price? I totally understand how you could not leave it behind. Great finds! xo

  3. Both finds are lovely...are so great that you can find out their history! Hope all is well :)

  4. wow what treasures..i love them both, and such great bargains!

  5. That coffee pot is absolutely gorgeous!!!