Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Good Day

how does your garden grow  

By Kirsten @ Tollipop 

Kirsten from Las Vegas has a very, very lovely blog called Tollipop. She creates the most enchanting paintings of adorable girls, foxes and bunnies. She also writes the sweetest short stories based on the characters in her paintings.
Her house was recently featured on Bloesem Kids as part of their series Mom stories.The house is beautiful and to me shows how she has created a family friendly and very creative environment which her girls clearly love. Speaking of her girls they always look so happy and contented, it really does like a house full of love and creativity. She often photographs her girls in a variety of fantastic outfits hanging out, having fun. It is such an inspiring blog and if you haven't been there already I would definitely suggest checking it out. 
This morning while browsing the many blogs that I follow in Google Reader I came upon Tollipop and was delightedly over the moon to discover that I had won her latest giveaway!! This came as a great surprise to me as I won one of Kirsten's previous giveaways a few months ago. Now I am the type of person that never wins a thing so to win twice is like some kind of miracle to me. I nearly fell off my chair! I did whoop out loud which made my daughter think that I had seriously lost the plot until I explained why. I have won two (yes two) of Kirsten's amazing little paintings. I am so chuffed you wouldn't believe it. 
Now I need to have serious de-clutter so that when the little lovelies arrive they can have pride of place and won't be swamped by all of the other stuff  that I insist on having around me.
Thank you Kirsten for being such an inspiration.  Please go and check out her blog, I am sure that you will fall in love x

all images are by Kirsten at Tollipop.

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