Friday, 23 April 2010

Pink Daisy Doily

I finally finished the pink doily and wow that took a lot of blocking! When I had finished the crochet it was so curled up that I thought it would be completely unusable. After a lot of stretching, pulling, pinning and wetting followed by three days waiting for it to dry and a lot of re-pinning thanks to the cats I finally had a usable doily. Phew!

Yesterday I finished a more traditional looking doily, again in pink. That too needs to be blocked but not in such a drastic way.
I think that I am now all doilied out. As much as enjoy making them I am running out of room. There are only so many surfaces that can take a doily! The only problem is that I am now stuck for ideas for what I can do for my next project....


  1. That's a pretty doily! I like the colours you have used, remind me of summer fruits!
    So, ideas for a new project eh?
    What about a cushion cover, or a blanket?
    Or, a little coverlet for a jar ~ they're easy and pretty to make!
    Im sure you will think of something though, have a great weekend!

    Love Julia x x x

  2. That is so lovely! Well done. Maybe you should start a little Etsy shop to sell them. I would buy one :)

  3. i second that......
    i have just started to crochet again and you are a inspiration the daisy doily id soooo lovely .... x